Carolyn Johnson

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MCCSN Board Advisor;Principal Diversity Advisor, Sempra Energy (retired)

Carolyn’s responsibilities as Principal Diversity Advisor at Sempra Energy entailed consulting with leaders at all levels regarding the company’s Diversity Initiatives. These initiatives included identifying high performing women and people of color for developmental opportunities for upward mobility; diversity awareness training; sexual harassment, discrimination and retaliation prevention training, and conducting harassment and discrimination investigations. She also was responsible for coaching and counseling employees at all levels on their responsibility to create an environment free of harassment and discrimination.

Carolyn additionally had the responsibility of training leaders at all levels on subjects ranging from managing personal and professional change, problem solving and decision making, managing for productivity, to sexual harassment prevention training.

Prior to her retirement in 2007, Carolyn spent the last ten years of her career in Corporate Diversity Affairs, reporting directly to the Sr. VP of Human Resources. During her tenure there, Diversity Inc ranked Sempra Energy in the top 50 companies in the US as the best place to work for women and people of color four times during the period 2001-2007. One of Sempra Energy’s values that still guides Carolyn’s interaction with individuals is to “Act with integrity, treat people honestly, fairly, with dignity and respect. “

Since retiring from Sempra, Carolyn has immersed herself in the world of tourism and hospitality, serving as an advisory board member to MCCSN.