The W.I.T.H. business and networking blog was started for you - professional women (and men) who, like me, are passionate about life and about the tourism and hospitality industry. Our goal is to generate buzz, excitement, and energy about the W.I.T.H. program and build a community for us all to connect and communicate our passion and our purpose. This blog is about what we can achieve together for ourselves and what we can do collectively to move the industry forward, while having a positive impact on others along the way.

The W.I.T.H. blog is designed to influence you to go out, be your authentic selves and do something amazing! Regular readers of this blog will learn useful, valuable, actionable information and the W.I.T.H. perspective on it. I will regularly post good news you can use and tips from the women leaders in our W.I.T.H. network. We will tell you about opportunities and stats for women in the workplace, W.I.T.H. honorees in the news, and what’s new and trending in the industry. And, we will present it in a way that is exciting, engaging, entertaining, unique, and fun!

We want you to use this blog to express yourself and share your passions too. Sharing will help each of us have the career, the business, and the balanced life we love!

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Clara Carter